16th – 18th April, 2018

London, UK

Dedicated to Promoting Patient Centricity in Clinical Research & Overcoming the Operational Challenges of Running Mobile & Wearable-Enabled Clinical Trials

mHealth for Clinical Trials Europe 2018 provides a dedicated forum for industry experts to share data and best practice on how to accelerate the successful implementation of game-changing mHealth strategies in clinical studies and harness the power of mobile technologies and digital innovation to transform the clinical research paradigm.

Join leaders in mHealth, digital and clinical innovation to tackle the specific challenges we all face to bring the implementation and adoption of mobile technologies in clinical programs to the next level, and therefore support active patient involvement and engagement in trials.

Exciting advances and developments in wearables, sensors, mobile technologies and digital platforms have transformed the way we look into the clinical research process. Patients can be monitored, signals can be measured remotely, disease and symptoms can be tracked more effectively. As a result of mobile technology, clinical investigators can now collect and access unparalleled insight and provide their patients with a real opportunity to participate more effectively in clinical research.

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"The 2017 mHealth for Clinical Trials summit was an exciting overview of innovation in mobile technology for clinical trials.The quality of speakers and attendees were exceptional."
- Partner & Vice President, DataArt

“A very useful meeting. Companies shared their experiences in implementing mHealth solutions in their drug development programs. “
- Jang-Ho Cha, Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research

“This was a very well organized meeting with great, relevant content and engaging speakers.”
- Kathleen Thrush, Abbott

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