16th – 18th April, 2018

London, UK

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About mHealth for Clinical Trials


The adoption and application of mHealth tools in clinical research has been exploding in the pharmaceutical development landscape with exciting developments and new studies leveraging the insight mobile-enabled clinical research can offer.

With many pilot studies demonstrating the growing potential for these technologies to accelerate clinical trials, improve study efficiency and effectiveness, reduce costs, bring drugs to patients faster and promote patient centricity, this is a time of pro-active reflection and transformation that is taking clinical innovation up to the core of strategic considerations in drug development.


mHealth for Clinical Trials Europe 2018 will bring together the leaders and biggest promoters in the space for a comprehensive and open discussion on how to effectively drive the implementation and adoption of innovative mHealth approaches in clinical trials.

This meeting will help you accelerate the progress of mHealth programs with in-depth discussions around key topics in the field, including:

  • Patient recruitment
  • Remote/ decentralized clinical studies
  • Patient engagement tools and platforms
  • Data collection, integration and validity
  • Patient retention, adherence and compliance
  • Wearables and sensors
  • Digital endpoints and biomarkers
  • Operationalisation of mHealth strategies in clinical trials
  • Organisational buy-in and adoption

Leave the mHealth for Clinical Trials Europe 2018 summit with clear actions on how to fully realize the potential of this rapidly evolving space, with case studies from pioneering companies leading the way in clinical innovation.

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